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Meet the Artist

Excerpt from a recent essay by the artist:

With my own abstract paintings, my hope is to create visual intrigue but also to express things of importance to me.  Sometimes I think of something I want to say and I imagine a picture that might help me say it.  More often, however, the picture finds me when I’m reading my scriptures or pondering a blessing or trial.  An image forms in my head; I’ll jot it down in a sketchbook; and then I’ll think about colors, shapes, and textures that help create focus, express emotion, or tell the story.

Often my paintings use line to represent connections to family, humanity, or Christ.  In Come and Return, the many lines draw the viewers’ eyes through the temples repeatedly, inviting all to attend the House of the Lord often.  In Where the Veil is Thin the lines represent our connection to the departed and to the Savior through temple work.  In Writer’s Inspiration many lines show the writer being influenced by everything around her, but the main inspiration line comes from heaven and runs through her eyes, mind, heart, arm, and out the hand to the pen and paper.   

The people in my paintings are often faceless, freeing viewers to insert themselves, their loved ones, or their concept of the Savior, into the picture.   I tend to change colors with each face or hand I paint because I find the variety of colors we come in to be so beautiful; it’s a purely aesthetic choice.

SK NorthrupI love abstraction because it invites participation from the viewer.  It was thrilling when I posted a picture of my painting Rock of My Salvation online and a friend found even more symbolism than I had intended while creating it. After describing all that she had discovered she concluded with the exclamation, “a work of art I needed to see this week.  Thank you for sharing!”  I hope that as strangers, friends, and my own children view my pictures they will be given new perspective and bring something of their life experience to the picture that makes it meaningful to them.

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Stephanie currently lives in Carbondale, Colorado with her supportive husband, five creative daughters and energetic dog.

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